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Thesis web developer 2014

A project build in Laravel named iShop


The thesis had as purpose to show what we learned in the year (2013 - 2014) we followed the education: "Web developer". The subject of the thesis was to build a webshop in a technology of choice. My choice was Laravel, a PHP framework, because it was a quiet new framework at that time, but well documented, a lot of companies were starting to use it and a broad community to help when you have problems. Laravel delivers the basic functionality to better develop a website in an MVC (Model View Controller) structure.

About the thesis

The website is a webshop where visitors can browse products and categories. When they like something, they can add one or more products to their basket. The products are sorted in head categories with sub categories. This makes it easier to find the right product. You can also look for a product by name, type or brand with the search function on top of the website. As you can see, there are dynamically build pages and some static ones like about or contact. There is an administration part, where admins of the website can add; edit or delete products, categories and brands.